Yes Self-reliance, Yes Return, Yes The Bridge

Their self-reliance is our sustainability. We strongly believe in innate capacity of local wanna-be-entrepreneurs and strive to pursue co-existence and inclusiveness. The bridge would only survive with the self-reliance by the local entrepreneur. 

Commission and impact evaluation is free of charge. When the local entrepreneur become self-reliant and return the fund, impact donors take its half and another half rests with The Bridge. 

The Bridge hands over the raised donation from crowd funding to local partners directly and fully. As the local entrepreneurs run the business and make profits, they return partial amount of the fund (50~100%). Impact donors take half of the returned donation in impact points and thankfully, the rest is donated to The Bridge. 
The higher rate of return, the more stable local businesses are. This underlies a message that the local entrepreuers are on the right track to self-reliance. 
The Bridge exercises incentive- and penalty-based policy to avoid local partner's moral hazards and achieves the 100% reach of the donation. Local partner's credibility level is open and transparent.