Impact donation sends whole amount of donated fund by crowdfunding to the local entrepreneur without any commission in the middle. There is open reporting on the use of crowd-funded donation. Check the project status or fund usages which you donated at anytime on the introduction page(Web) -"Financial Information" .
TBI will contact the Local Entrepreneurs and discuss about target amount. Usually, TBI recommends to wait till the fund reaches 100%. If the local entrepreneurs failed to return the fund(or failed their business)m there is no penalty. If Donor wants to refund the investment, he or she has to contact TB in advanceI.
100% of fund sends to local entrepreneurs without the commission. Every transparent details and analysis reports are publishing on the website.

Forecast Impact means an Environmental and Social value that can be created in project progress. Furthermore, We offering specific analysis report about each of the projects. Detail information is on the introduction page of our web site.
You can receive Impact point after local entrepreneurs re-donation the fund. Impact point can be uses as a cash when you donate to the other projects.
You can see the event campaign in the event campaign page, And also you can see it in bottom right side of target project's page. There is a detail information about event campaign's status in the bridging participants list page.
Your payment can be canceled within 7 days. We can give you more specific information about your case through the email. Please contact us if you need any help about the payment.
[ 2018, 2019 Repayment rate policy for general partner ]
* Standards for the first funding : Ceiling $5,000 / Min. repayment rate : 50% / Period of repayment : 12 ~ 24 months

Under 50% ~ below
Deprivation of a funding opportunity for one year Entitled for the second funding opportunity

60% ~100%
Ceiling of Second funding - $4,000 ~ $6,000
Min. repayment rate for second funding - 60%
Max. loan period for second funding" 8 months ~ 16 months
Category C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5

* Repayment method is redemption by installments and the period of installments should be biannual or shorter
* Second funding opportunity is given only after the first funding reaches full repayment
Partners will be entitled for the second funding opportunity at the time they wish as soon as repayment rate over 50% is achieved within the first half of the repayment period
"* Average number, (total amount of repayment / total sum of fund), is the repayment rate for two years.
Every successful repayment will consecutively revise the rate, while the credit history is tracked"