Poultry Farm for Community Development and Health Care

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Poultry Farm for Community Development and Health Care

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Impact Employment Human Rights Education

Timor-Leste, the first independent nation of the 21st century, endured over 450 years of Portuguese and Indonesian colonial rule. In the 1990s when Argenio was born, Timor-Leste was marked by active independence movements alongside Indonesian massacres and civil unrest, filling the era with turmoil and pain. Argenio had to leave his homeland to escape the chaos since he was born.

In 2002, Argenio returned to his hometown after Timor-Leste declared independence. His parents owned a small poultry farm, and Argenio used to help them take care of chickens after school. He noticed that people preferred the healthy chickens raised on his family's farm over imported frozen ones. It made him proud of his work and inspired him to start a poultry farm when he grew up.

"After school, instead of hanging out with my friends, I chose to help out at my parents' poultry farm. I've been taking care of chickens since I was young, so they feel very familiar to me. Seeing people enjoy eating chickens and eggs raised on our farm made me happy and proud."

Argenio decided to work in Korea as a foreign worker to make a living for his family when he turned 20. In Korea, everything was unfamiliar to him. Everything in Korea was new to him, but Living in Korea is now as comfortable for him as helping new foreign workers adjust. Meeting foreign workers in Korea inspired Argenio to start a poultry farm in Timor-Leste to give young Timorese the opportunity to work without having to work abroad.

"Whenever I talk to my foreign worker friends about Timor-Leste, I want to establish a poultry farm in East Timor. My goal is to provide employment opportunities to the youth of East Timor so that they can stay with their families and not have to leave the country anymore."

Due to the lack of livestock facilities, equipment, and skills, Timor-Leste relies heavily on the import of frozen chicken from Indonesia and Brazil. However, poor transportation systems and food storage management in Timor-Leste have resulted in melted and spoiled chicken, leading to food poisoning among many who consume expired chicken.

"It's not easy to get fresh chicken in East Timor, so people have to eat frozen chicken, which is of poor quality, and many people get an upset stomach or food poisoning from eating frozen chicken because it's often past its expiration date or spoiled."

Willing to provide fresh chicken to people in East Timor who were sick from eating spoiled chicken, Argenio founded Glofa Poultry Farm in East Timor. The poultry farm systematically raises chickens in a way that ensures the native chickens are healthy, with spacious coops and a comfortable environment. In addition, he employed local youth to work with him.

Argenio has plans to develop his poultry farm and community using the business model he created during The Bridge Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program. His ultimate goal is to construct a poultry processing plant, improve the distribution process for fresh chicken in Timor-Leste, and provide employment opportunities for local youth. Argenio hopes to create a self-sustaining village where young Timorese individuals can work together and contribute to their community without working overseas.

Support Argenio in developing a poultry farm that will enhance the health of Timorese and provide him with an opportunity to work with the youth in his community!
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