Nata Relation, Fixing Uncertainties of Returning Nepalis

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Nata Relation, Fixing Uncertainties of Returning Nepalis

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Nata Relation Nepal
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Santosh, CEO of Nata Relation  

Hello! My name is Santosh, founder of Nata Relation.

I worked in Korea for a long time before returning to Nepal.

Would you like to know how I became an entrepreneur with my experience as a foreign worker? 

You’re probably familiar with the term foreign employment. With more and more foreign employment going on, the concept should not be hard to imagine. However, the part that not a lot of people know is what happens after these workers return home.

In Nepal, foreign employment is a big deal. More than 770,000 people headed overseas for work just in the past year. When they return to Nepal, they are often lost and confused. Many of my friends had to return to foreign employment after failing to blend in.

I was studying economics in Nepal. However, due to our family being financially troubled, I had to abandon my studies and find work abroad.

 Source: The Himalayan Times

A lot of Nepalis are working overseas, but their return is not exactly smooth. Many try their luck at starting their own business with the experience overseas, but lack of support makes it difficult. The government of Nepal doesn’t provide enough information or policies, and loans from banks are hard to come by.

My field of expertise was machinery, especially repairing coffee machines. When I returned to Nepal after working in Korea for so long, getting a new job turned out to be difficult even though I had skill and passion.

Then I noticed that coffee became a lot more common in Nepal. As income levels rose, so did the demand for coffee. That also meant that a lot of new coffee machines were being bought and replaced.

The idea of repairing broken machinery isn’t as common as you might think in Nepal. Without engineers that can fix machines, most machines are discarded-even though they could be repaired rather easily. Due to this, most cafe owners in Nepal had two choices when their machines broke down. They would either get a brand new machine for a lot of money, or close their doors because they could not afford it.

When I saw all of this, I had an idea to use my experience to fix reusable coffee machines. Thus, Nata Relation was born.

Nata Relation provides repair services, regular maintenance, and affordable prices for parts needed for repairs. Because our services are way cheaper than buying a new machine outright, an increasing number of people are becoming our partners.

Our goal is to raise recognition of repairing machinery in Nepal. We plan to cooperate with returning workers and offer educational programs on coffee machine maintenance once our business is set in full motion. This will enlighten attendants to the importance of regular maintenance and repairs, while also providing capacity training for returning Nepali workers that need jobs! This program will be perfect for returning workers who have similar experiences, since it would be easy to learn and master.

However, not everything is looking up for Nata Relation. Although we need money to keep importing spare parts and tools for repairs, aid for entrepreneurs in Nepal is scarce. With your help, Nata Relation will be able to keep expanding service to more people, as well as be a visionary for our friends working overseas!

Support Nata Relation and Nepali Returning Workers With Impact Donation!  
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