“Dadok Dadok”: to redesign children’s Rights in North Korea

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“Dadok Dadok”: to redesign children’s Rights in North Korea

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Impact Human Rights Education

Human rights are things we must hold ever since birth, and the most essential things. Children in North Korea are not guaranteed human rights such as education, health, and food, which are the fundamentals of these human rights. They are also subjected to various forms of forced labor, rural labor, military service, and factory labor. According to the 2022 Children’s Rights Indicators Report released by the Kids Rights Foundation, a Dutch children's rights organization, North Korea's child rights situation remained 117th out of 185 countries. 

The bigger problem is that most people, including children, are not even aware of what "human rights" are. There is nothing adults can do for growing children without proper awareness of human rights. This is the reality of North Korea.

Dadok Dadok, spent about eight weeks in-depth thinking about North Korean children's human rights. Then, we posed the first question, "Why is North Korea's human rights fundamentally not improving?".

Childhood is an undoubtably important period for fostering human rights sensitivity. Childhood is decisive for human rights education as a right time to understand human rights through dignity for oneself and respect for others. As they grow up, they learn how to love themselves and the value of respecting others. However, adults in North Korea cannot teach their children this value because they didn't learn it either.
We, Dadok Dadok, paid attention to this vicious cycle of North Korea. I thought, "Let's teach North Korean children what human rights are in childhood." and it could be the first step in solving all human rights problems, including North Korean children's human rights. We will take this step by creating a fairy tale about human rights that makes it more accessible to children and teaches them eye to eye of human rights.

Dadok Dadok aims to promote the value of human rights by radio broadcasting the fairy tales to North Korea. Radio broadcasting to North Korea has actually proved to be an effective method by many North Korean defectors and experts. Just a few months ago, North Korea government interfered with the frequency of broadcasting to North Korea and prevented it from being heard. In other words, this also proves that broadcasting to North Korea affects somehow.

They listen to the fairy tales, parents tell tales as bedtime stories to their children, the children listen to fairy tales on their way to school, and talk with friends. This way, we hope to promote human rights values and let them realize the rights. Those children who are discriminated against by their social status, grades, and origin will realize that everyone is the same, that children who went to factories instead of schools will realize the importance of education, that friends are all equal, and that everyone is precious. They wil eventually learn the human rights by heart.

As a result, we will be able to address one of the vicious cycles of North Korean human rights in the long run while also reminding North Koreans of the value of human rights.

All of us, Dadok Dadok, are undergraduates and youth. We started this project with passion and effort. As a student, there were numerous practical obstacles to overcome in order to realize this project to fruition. Sometimes, we faced the reality that the project couldn't be completed at that time, so we thought to delay it and take a rain check. However, there was immense help and support from many people who liked our project, and thanks to them, we're going to push forward with this project until the end!
Through this crowdfunding, we will create fairy tales to educate North Korean children about human rights. It will flow into North Korea through collaboration with broadcasting organizations and North Korean human rights organizations. Our goal is to increase accessibility by offering two formats - an 'Audio File' and a 'Video File' - to North Korean children. However, it still requires financial help in many areas, including manuscript writing, localization, dubbing, animation production, and others.
Our project possesses the unique ability to impact North Korea directly. The disastrous reality of human rights in North Korea begins with a lack of human rights sensitivity and a lack of human rights education. Also, it can be the start of the problem of North Korean human rights and is the fundamental approach. It will be the most basic and significant step in improving human rights in North Korea.

If anyone is willing to support the Dadok Dadok project and the dreams of North Korean children, please don't hesitate to support us! Your support will be delivered to North Korean children beyond the barbed wire.

You and I can support the new 'START' and natural 'RIGHTS' of North Korean Children.

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