Saving Coffee Farmers in Indonesia from Climate Crisis

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Saving Coffee Farmers in Indonesia from Climate Crisis

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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. People consume about 10 million tones of coffee each year, and the weight roughly equals that of water filled in 4,000 Olympic swimming pools. However, did you know that coffee is gradually disappearing?

It is because of coffee production reduction by climate change, such as drought, abnormal temperatures, and increased precipitation. Indonesia, the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, is also experiencing a decline in coffee production due to climate change. According to the Indonesian Agricultural Journal, The increasing extreme climate events like drought due to El Niño caused a decline in national coffee production to 10%. Meanwhile, the long wet season due to La Niña caused the decreased production to 80%. One predicted that Indonesia will stop exporting coffee in 2035 without effective adaptation strategies. 

Climate change puts coffee production and the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families at risk. Indonesia has 2.33 million coffee farmers who mostly live in poverty. Climate change causes coffee productivity to decrease, but coffee farmers cannot do anything about it because they do not have agricultural knowledge and captial. The demand for food like coffee grow fast while the farms’ productivity is still low. Therefore, building capacity and improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers for sustainable coffee consumption are urgent. 

Recently, Climate-smart agriculture(CSA) is emerging as a solution for climate change adaptation agricultural methods. It is an integrated approach presented at the Hague Conference of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO) in 2010. Climate-smart agriculture is an integrated approach to managing landscapes that address the interlinked challenges of food security and accelerating climate change. It aims simultaneously to achieve three outcomes; productivity improvement, climate change adaptability, and greenhouse gas reduction. Coffee farmers can minimize the negative effect of climate change and maintain coffee productivity through climate-smart agriculture. 

Aqdar, CEO of Ritma Green, started a self-reliance project to support coffee farmers who struggle with growing coffee. Ritma Green conducts training and assisting programs for small farms to apply Climate-Smart Agriculture. For example, Ritma Green grows tolerance seedlings in a nursery and provides them to coffee farmers.

Also, Ritma Green educates agroforestry coffee farming. Agroforestry is a farming practice in which trees and shrubs are produced on the same land area as the agriculture corps. Trees planted in coffee-growing areas  make shade which provides the best condition for coffee cultivation. It has a positive impact on climate change as well as coffee productivity. 


The capacity building encourages small coffee farmers to maintain their farms, produce better quality coffee, and reduce climate change impacts on their farm productivity and livelihoods.

Ritma Green has trained 87 farmers on climate-smart agriculture to strengthen their coffee production capacity. However, there are still many farmers who are struggling with climate change now. With the impact donation from The Bridge International, Ritma Green will be able to build awareness and capacity of more coffee farmers allowing them to be more resilient to climate change impacts. For its business, more farmers make its business more feasible and scalable.
Ritma Green’s Partner Youth Farmer


“Through the business model that Ritma Green engages me in, I am able to develop a small coffee nursery business. I can now say that coffee will provide bright future for me and people in my community.”

Please Support Small Coffee Farm in Indonesia with Impact Donation to Ensure Your Enjoying Cups of Coffee Tomorrow!
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