Feed the Future:A Relief Food Sourcing Platform for Refugees

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Feed the Future:A Relief Food Sourcing Platform for Refugees

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Nampya Uganda
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According to UNHCR, Uganda is a ground for refugees from East Africa and the neighboring regions. However, food shortage becomes serious for refugee settlements because 160,000 refugees, who flee from the civil war, come to Uganda every year. Humanitarian agencies spend extensive resources on imported food for refugees, but 40% does not reach the intended beneficiaries. Why does this happen to Ugandan refugees?

It is because of an inefficient and uneven food distribution system in Uganda. After COVID-19 spread all over Uganda, the government formed a task force team to support food for refugees. Humanitarian agencies can only provide food through task force teams, and even private donors have no way to provide food. Ultimately, due to the continued unequal distribution of food and embezzlement, the food distribution system in Uganda is losing public trust.

Problems with the food distribution system threaten the food security of refugees, rural smallholder farmers, and urban consumers. The food distribution structure and channels are complex in Uganda. So, a lot of food rots and gets thrown away in the distribution process. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), between 30~50% of crops harvested in Uganda are discarded in the distribution process each year. It raises the cost of food production, and the burden is passed on to the smallholder farmers. As a result, they have to sell crops at lower prices, which leads to lower incomes for smallholder farmers and food shortages for feeding their families. Urban consumers also find it difficult to obtain fresh and safe food due to food distribution delays. Ironically, both producers and consumers are short of food.

Source: Ugnada Nampya Farmers' Market Platform

Mark started Nampya Farmers’ Market to address food security in Uganda. Nampya is an agricultural platform that connects rural smallholder farmers with urban food retailers to help them become economically self-sufficient and provide fresh food in the city. Farmers can advertise their crops on the platform, and food retailers conveniently order them via mobile. Nampya delivers crops to food stores across the country through its distribution network. With logistics services, agricultural origin tracking services, and quality crop offerings, Nampya is emerging as a game changer in the agricultural distribution industry.

80% of Ugandan smallholder farmers and food retailers are women. Nampya is working with them to protect food security through the economic self-sufficiency of women. Agricultural productivity improved since smallholder farmers made their agricultural produce for sale at a price 30-40% higher than the wholesale price through the Nampya platform and set production plans. In addition, the Nampya delivery service saves food retailers time, allowing them to focus on sales activities and efficient inventory management.

Source: Nampya Farmers’ Market Homepage 

Nampya is preparing a new service based on internet and logistics technology that successfully connects rural tenant farmers and urban food retailers. A food donation service that connects donors and vulnerable groups. Donors can easily donate and deliver food to vulnerable groups with the Nampya platform. For a pilot project, Nampya successfully distributed more than 90 tons of food to about 3,500 people in cooperation with local politicians, a relief organization, and churches.

Through The Bridge Impact donation, Nampya will prepare for food crises caused by not only COVID-19 but also drought and famine. They plan to establish a digital food donation platform that can easily and quickly deliver fresh food to thousands of vulnerable families and refugees in Uganda.
Nampya Farmers' Market CEO

"Imagine a world without hunger, please help improve the food situation of vulnerable populations in Uganda by supporting Nampya Farmers’ Market through impact donation. Let us bring social change together with you!"

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