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PEA, connecting the last miles with energy

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Have you heard about ‘Last mile’ communities? Last mile communities refers to remote communities where you can reach after a long trip.

Since its remote location of the last mile communities in Uganda, their residents hardly enjoy the things they deserve. According to Statistics Uganda, only three people out of ten in Uganda’s rural areas can access to electricity for living. Although we are able to travel the world in a day thanks to the evolution in technology, the benefit never reaches to closing the distance of the last mile.

It is quite common in last mile communities to substite electricity with harmful energy such as firewoods, kerosene lamps and so on. Also, people spend a burdensome amount of their income to buy them. The limited source of energy is a hinderance to healthier life, more decent education, and more income. 

Pearl Enterpreneurs Academy(PEA) started its self-reliance project in 2018 to support last mile communities and their people by providing reliable and affordable energy products. They are easy-to-use solar lanterns, no electricity water filter, less-fume-producing cookstoves, and all of them improve life. The people of last mile communities purchase energy products that cannot be found readily. They are better off with more light, clean water, and safer kitchen.

But, thinking about reaching out the last mile communities, how can PEA reach out to them? ‘Energypreneur’ system is the key to closing the distance. Energypreneurs are youth and female agents who represent PEA and visit remote communities. They demonstrate the energy products to residents and train them how to use them. As they are mostly youth and female to demonstrate the products, they can persuade the residents who are also youth and female. Thanks to the energypreneurs, they can use the energy products and live better off.

According to an impact-measuring institution, $1 invested in PEA can make three big impacts. 152 hours of harmful fuel and smoke exposure is reduced for PEA’s customers and beneficiaries. 0.01 tonnes of CO2 is prevented from being released from kerosene, deforestation, and wood burning. Lastly, $3.10 of each customer’s income is saved to be used for other productive activities, such as pursuing an education.

Additionally, self-motivated youth and female energypreneurs can develop their sales and marketing skills while visiting the communities and training them. Not to mention, extra income is provided to them for more decent education and better life. Energypreneurs are more than common sales agents.

PEA and energypreners are closing the last mile distance. However, there are still many remote and isolated communities with no energy and harmful fuels. We should not wait for another house on file due to kerosene lamps. PEA hopes to reach out to more last mile communities and make their lives better with the help of impact donations.

Please support PEA and energypreneurs

to close the last mile distance!

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