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Indonesia Children’s Dream Lab, Mungilmu

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“Many Indonesian children are afraid to dream. I want to encourage kids to seek self-efficacy and many possibilities of dreams by studying without pressure.”

CEO Azka of Mungilmu

Greetings everyone!

This is Azka, the owner of Indonesian children's dream manufacturing plant, Mungilmu! I am living in Java Island, which is located in the west of Indonesia.

Would you like to learn about Indonesia?

Indonesia is the 14th largest, and the biggest island country around the world, consisting of 17,000 islands. However, the divide of standard of living such as education is widening, and the rate of children self-efficacy is extremely low.

Indonesian children’s low self-efficacy is a deep-seated social problem, officially raised as a grave concern by the president of Indonesia. This is due to the pain and social atmosphere of the colonization era that lasted over 250 years. To let Indonesian children dream as much as they want and enhance their self-efficacy, I established a social enterprise ‘Mungilmu’! Mungilmu means ‘Small Knowledge’ in Indonesian, which relates to the company’s vision to let kids learn and earn knowledge joyfully and achieve their dreams!

Unlike other educational programs which focus on the subject learning, Mungilmu focuses on ‘dream building’! What’s more, as Mungilmu operates classes online, kids can experience diverse jobs joyfully and enhance their skills whenever, wherever they want! By assembling and designing robots, kids can dream to become a robot expert. By brainstorming ideas and learning accounting skills, kids can dream to become an entrepreneur. By drawing and painting, kids can dream to become an artist or a designer. One of our kids who graduated from Mungilmu's taekwondo education program even became a world-champion!

Indonesia has a high difference in the internet penetration rate, and kids living in remote and marginalized areas were unable to attend Mungilmu’s online classes. However, as I believed that no kids should be left behind wherever they live, I could solve this problem with the cooperation of NGOs in the community. They connected Mungilmu’s online classes to the huge TV screen, so that every child could attend diverse classes such as martial arts, and joyfully build their dreams!

As children are educated to dream, Mungilmu also has a dream to accomplish! It is to become the best educational institution building dreams of children in Indonesia! With Impact Donation, Mungilmu’s educational programs will be widely known to the public, and will be able to implement a more sophisticated education system!

Let Mungilmu’s children

dare to dream

with Impact Donation!

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