Breaking Prejudice of Notrh Korean Defectors with ICT!

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Breaking Prejudice of Notrh Korean Defectors with ICT!

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글로비원 대한민국
Impact Employment Human Rights Education

Greetings everyone! I am CEO Sul-gyeong Kwak of Globione, which is a  Hybrid MICE(Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) metabus integrated operation management platform using ICT. Does it sound unfamiliar? Yet to simply put, Globione is

 a social enterprise running a metabus platform which manages MICE events such as company meetings, conferences, displays or exhibits effectively!

I was born in a wealthy family in North Korea living without any adversities. All of a sudden, I became a North Korean defector in 2008. This sudden change in life was daunting and confusing, but I had multiple jobs to earn a living by myself. I got into a company and became in charge of managing events. Running events with hectics, encountering diverse agencies and being bullied by colleagues...I had to go through a challenging time as a new recruit. I wanted to give up everyday, but I overcame the difficulties and worked 9 years with belief and confidence for myself.

As I experienced a diverse atmosphere of events as an event site manager, I could view troubles of managing events more realistically. The biggest problem was ‘absence of a platform to manage the whole operation of the event’. Even in a single event, diverse agencies, diverse works, and abruptly changing information were there without any system to take control which led to frequent miscommunication issues between the event authorities. As I saw these inconveniences, I wondered ‘if there are any efficient platforms to manage the operation of events?’.

To solve the problem of information spreading broadly and reduce miscommunication issues between agencies, Globione was established with fellow North Korean defectors who are experts in IT!
Globione made a service platform which could manage an event from planning, operating, accounting and final result sharing! Enterprises using our service left satisfying comments mentioning that Globione is an innovative service to efficiently manage events, and we are reflecting the additional feedback to improve our service.
Globione has two goals to achieve within 5 years.To begin, Globione is planning to become the first company going public, led by North Korean defectors. Most of the North Korean defector enterprises are small in size, but we want to break the prejudice of North Korean defector by becoming the first listed company, making people recognize that North Korean defectors can also be good at work and successful! The second goal is to step forward to global society and broaden the business! We want to step forward to global society and widely promote the business of Globione, but there are difficulties regarding promoting and marketing. As The Bridge International is a bridge to connect the world, we would like to promote Globione actively through crowdfunding and broaden the business!
To overcome the prejudice against North Korean defectors being viewed only as the vulnerable and be empowered for their economic empowerment, please participate in Impact Donation!
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