Saving Children from Skin Disease

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Saving Children from Skin Disease

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Sessan Tanzania
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My friends asked me to teach them beekeeping and that’s when I made Youtube videos and a guidebook in the local language, all about beekeeping. With many skilled young beekeepers, I began wondering,How can we utilize honey to create more values?”
(사진출처=World Health Organization)
Living in a small poor village in Tanzania, I always encountered a lot of children suffering from skin diseases. 3 out of 10 Tanzanian people are suffering from skin diseases such as viral dermatitis, atopy, and mange. Contaminated drinking water and poor sanitary conditions were the major cause of the disease. Most of the diseases are preventable and easily treatable, but those in rural areas usually can’t afford any proper treatment. Children have no way but to scratch their bodies all night.
I decided to process honey to solve the problem of skin diseases. After years of study and trial and error, we invented a honey skin care product to cover on a face and that’s when Innisfree of Tanzania, Sessan Enterprises was established!
Skincare products of Sessan Enterprises release the symptoms of skin diseases and cures it. We are providing skin care products for children in schools at an affordable price, and organizing hygiene education workshops for them. Then our market has expanded to offices and also to general customers.
Honey needed for skincare products is provided by beekeepers who were trained from our training program. Not only am I trying to cure skin diseases but also trying to raise the youth of Tanzania as beekeepers. By continuously training youth in Tanzania to manage beehives and harvest the honey, we are trying to empower young beekeepers. Currently, more than 500 beehives are made and more than 50 workers are together.
As more people are getting to know about skincare products, the demand has grown to a minimum of 2 million products per month, but the additional workers and production speed cannot catch up with the demand for the product. We are making and packing skincare products with handwork, so it is very difficult to keep up with the demand.
The most important goal of our company is to make more children and their family recover from skin diseases and become healthy again. With the impact donation of The Bridge International, we are planning to buy a machine to produce more skincare products and promote it on radio and TV channels. Furthermore, we are planning to hire 15 new employees to help more children become healthy by producing more products!
I truly believe in the value of togetherness.
We want to change the lives of kids and youth in Tanzania with you together!
Will you be part of our journey?

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