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Eco-friendly water filter for Ugandan Refugees!

  • Tusafishe
  • Uganda
  • Environment,Human Right,Health



One in five Ugandans only have access to lakes, streams and hand-dug wells as sources of drinking water. It’s nearly impossible to get clean and safe drinking water in refugee settlements, which are the most marginalized rural areas of Uganda. Women in refugee settlements have to walk more than 10km everyday to get the water. However, the water is filled with animal wastes, mud and all kinds of dirt. Children whose immune systems are still weak suffer from water borne diseases including diarrhea and typhoid due to the contaminated drinking water. Approximately 23,000 Ugandans die from diarrhea and among 19,700 are children under 5. 

“Someone has to do something for those marginalized who also have rights to drink clean water”

Henry, a young entrepreneur who once had to give up his dream due to the water borne disease, struggled to find the solution. He came up with the idea of making an eco-friendly water filter using moringa seeds and granite which are easily found in Uganda. After going through 2 years of research and trials, the social enterprise ‘Tusafishe’ has finally started.

Tusafishe installs water purification systems for refugee settlements. Also, after the installment, Tusafishe trains women in each village to make small water filters for family use. Women are not only using home-made water filters for family, but also contributing to the livelihood by selling them.

After training women, Tusfishe works together with refugees to plant moringa trees so that they can make the filters on their own by growing moringa seedlings.
" We are taking part in protecting the earth by planting moringa trees, not just making water filters. We have finished our projects in 3 refugee settlements in Uganda, saving the lives of women and their family, the whole village and even the mother earth."

There still exist a lot of refugees suffering from the contaminated drinking water, but Tusafishe lacks seed funds to afford the ingredients for the project. Sense of hygiene is another obstacle for Tusafishe to go through since refugees think that only boiled water is safe. Tusafishe is struggling to get over this prejudice by letting more people know about Tusafishe’s water filter.

In the long term, Tusafishe is planning to expand the market to the general customers by developing portable water filters. This will allow people to drink clean water without a purification system.

Tusafishe is struggling for more Ugandans to get access to clean drinking water. Through this crowdfunding project, Tusafishe wants to install water purification systems in 17 villages of the Kyaka II refugee settlement and train 100 women. Approximately 20,500 refugees will have access to drink clean water.


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