Protect Women in Uganda with Eco-friendly Cookstoves!

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Protect Women in Uganda with Eco-friendly Cookstoves!

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In Uganda,7 in 10 households are still utilizing firewood or charcoal for cooking. Women inhale kitchen smoke produced while cooking in a small space without a separate kitchen. The average concentration of fine dust per day is at 150 micrograms per cubic meter, reaching a caution warning level. This eventually leads to respiratory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD), asthma, and lung cancer. They are exposed to toxic substances that are threatening to their lungs in their everyday lives.

ADAPT+ makes eco-friendly briquettes as well as cookstoves to replace charcoal and protect women from possible dangersThey are providing people with smoke-free cookstoves with high thermal efficiency. Compared to imported stoves, ADAPT+-made cookstoves are designed with firmer seats and more stabilized stands that are suitable for local cooking habits and foods. Those are especially useful for households in rural areas where electricity access is considerably low. 

ADAPT+ uses environmentally friendly materials like straws, food waste, agricultural residue, and animal manure to produce briquettes. Briquettes also solve the problem of deforestation by saving trees, which 10 times the weight of charcoal are cut down to make charcoal. Recently, ADAPT+ sold its briquettes and cookstoves to 6,000 households in refugee camps(Rwamwanja, KyakaII) who have no access to cooking energy.

“With a sustainable cookstove by ADAPT+, I no longer rub my eyes or cough due to smoke. I don’t even have to walk for hours to get the firewood. My life has improved a lot, thanks to ADAPT+”
-Cookstove user, Olivia Muyomba

A tight national lockdown has been reimposed in Uganda as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise. ADAPT+ had no way but to stop the product production as the difficult situation continued. Even though demands for briquettes have increasing to 5 tons per day, ADAPT+ is able to produce only 2 tons for now. 
Nonetheless, ADAPT+ is struggling to provide more people with clean and safe cooking energy. ADAPT+ is planning to introduce a new bio-save stove in the market. Impact Donation will be used to produce new stoves and make promotional banners.

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