The Bridge is a platform supporting local entreprenuer's self-reliance through impact donation for co-existence and inclusive growth.


- The Bridge seeks to elevate the potential of the global village by supporting underprivileged social innovators via its global platform. 


- The Bridge facilitates shared growth by empowering underserved social entrepreneurs - primarily those in developing countries and North Korean defectors in South Korea. We begin with Impact Donation, a crowdfunding ecosystem that merges the concepts of “donation” and “investment” into one. When their social venture thrives, so do we. 
Ours is a unique business model that is both philanthropic in nature and a social enterprise, fueled by profitable ventures that build community-based growth across the globe. It’s a (cyclical) model that is rooted in trust and mutual respect. 

Impact donation is a new concept of donation, with blended value from financial investment and donation, that it not only creates social impacts but also seeks partial return on donation.


- Realize the value of true coexistence and win-win growth through a heartfelf innovation
- Pursue collective intellects where every member communicate and cooperate each other within enterprise community


Deliver 100% of the raised fund to the very local entrepreneurs
- Open book for transparent funds operation and status of self-reliance
- Credible impact analysis and evaluation for smart donation


- Settling easy and joyful culture of impact donation
- Voluntary and proactive work fashion with a clear motivation

The Bridge Logo


The Bridge’s logo represents three people’s cooperation to form a bridge.